The first ever storm umbrella for children.

It’s time to get excited as we present you to our most innovative design of the year, the Senz° Kids.

Designed to outlast an active lifestyle, with all the necessary functional details that a child could ever need from an umbrella. The Senz° Kids offers the premium Senz° experience with a size perfectly fitted for children. The Senz° Kids promises excellent windproof performance and is equipped with our iconic eyesavers. As regular round umbrellas often break, exposing the children to the sharp edges of the ribs, we ensure safety by our careful design. This umbrella model also has a UPF50+ coating for the ultimate all-weather protection. Let your children enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Senz° x Studio Koosje

Inspired by the indescribable joy and playfulness that children have, a new special edition design was created. To celebrate our first storm umbrella for children, we decided to combine Dutch design with Dutch talent. The beautiful artwork for this design is made in collaboration with a skilled illustrator Vanessa Oostijen of Studio Koosje.

The detailed line drawing of the Guz elephant, the spectacular patterns and the soothing rain droplets covering the canopy result in an eye-catching and very special design. The fabric chosen for these contrast giving details is light reflective with a beautiful silver colouring. The perfect combination of something unique yet timeless.

Discover the Senz° Kids – Guz now.