• Stormproof in winds up to 100 km/hr due to unique aerodynamic design
  • 100% Dutch Design: 8 international design awards
  • Eyesavers: unique eye protectors for your eyes and those of people around you
  • Patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect view

the senz° story

Revolutionary design

Senz° how it all began

Senz° was developed in 2006 by 3 Dutch students – Gerwin Hoogendoorn, Gerard Kool and Philip Hess – from Delft’s Technical University who were frustrated by umbrellas that kept blowing inside out and ending up – far too quickly – in the rubbish bin. Did you know that over 1 billion umbrellas are thrown away every year? Sustainability was therefore one of the most important principles behind senz°. A strong umbrella can last for years, or perhaps even for an entire lifetime. By no longer viewing an umbrella as a throwaway product, you can make a statement against pollution. And that’s precisely what is needed in this day and age.

Senz story
Senz story

Choose sustainable design

Would you like to be able to enjoy going outdoors every day too, without worrying about the weather? Would you like to contribute towards a cleaner planet? Do you always want to be protected from rain, stormy weather and the sun? And do you love innovative, stylish and comfortable accessories that totally fit in with your lifestyle? If so, join the worldwide senz° community of people who choose sustainable design. Choose the original storm umbrella and enjoy all types of weather from now on!

Senz sustainable
Senz sustainable

A stormy success

The mission of senz° is to make the best-working and most sustainable umbrella in the world. One that’s strong, practical and able to protect you from the heaviest showers, the worst storms and the brightest sunshine. Once launched, senz° quickly picked up a great many fans. Since its introduction in 2006, more than 3 million people all over the world have chosen a senz° umbrella. Senz° has won a large number of international design prizes and has become a firm fixture on the high street. It was senz° that invented the storm umbrella: a term that has even earned its own dictionary definition!

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