• Stormproof in winds up to 100 km/hr due to unique aerodynamic design
  • 100% Dutch Design: 8 international design awards
  • Eyesavers: unique eye protectors for your eyes and those of people around you
  • Patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect view

senz° parts

Spare parts to let you enjoy your senz° for even longer

Senz° umbrellas are designed to be indestructible. But if you do have a slight accident with your umbrella, we will happily send you a spare part. Just follow the two steps below and fill in the form to receive your spare part, which will be sent straight to your home.

And if your umbrella has suffered more damage, we can repair it for you. In that case, please send a mail to care@senz.com.

step 1: select your umbrella

step 2: select required parts

step 3: your details

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