• Stormproof in winds up to 100 km/hr due to unique aerodynamic design
  • 100% Dutch Design: 8 international design awards
  • Eyesavers: unique eye protectors for your eyes and those of people around you
  • Patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect view
senz kids umbrellas

kids storm umbrellas

With a senz° kids umbrella, children can enjoy being out of doors. A heavy shower won’t spoil the fun. Your kids will be protected against rain, wind and sun at all times, wherever they go.

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senz° kids

the first storm umbrella for children

Children enjoy being out of doors, but you also want to protect them properly against the elements. Senz° is the only brand with an umbrella specially made for children. After all, you’re never too young to start enjoying the weather – whatever the weather.

This model is fitted with UPF50+ sun protection, quick-dry fabric and our iconic Eyesavers that protect your own children’s eyes as well as those of their friends. The senz° Kids is nicely lightweight and therefore can easily accompany children wherever they go.

senz° collections

Senz°: it's all in the name!

The senz° foldaway luggage is our newest problem-solving design. Just like the senz° storm umbrella, it’s smart, stylish, compact and good to go.
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