• Stormproof in winds up to 100 km/hr due to unique aerodynamic design
  • 100% Dutch Design: 8 international design awards
  • Eyesavers: unique eye protectors for your eyes and those of people around you
  • Patented asymmetrical shape gives you a perfect view
long umbrellas

long umbrellas

specifications of senz° long umbrellas
  senz° original passion redsenz° large passion redsenz° XXL passion redsenz° kids passion red
model senz° originalsenz° largesenz° XXLsenz° kids
more infomore infomore infomore info
price $ 80,00$ 90,00$ 100,00$ 50,00
windproof up to 100 km/h100 km/h100 km/h100 km/h
extra large
canopy size (W x D) 87 x 90 cm94 x 94 cm107 x 110 cm65 x 67 cm
length (length open) 79 cm (79 cm)80 cm (80 cm)93.8 cm (93.8 cm)63 cm (63 cm)
weight 440 gr468 gr593 gr296 gr
luxury sleeve
sunblock factor 50+
fast dry fabric
aero dynamic
shaft aluminiumsteelfiberglasssteel
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long umbrellas

With one of the long umbrellas made by senz°, you are optimally protected from the weather, wind and sunshine. Your senz° simply floats through the storm, which means you can hold it easily with just one hand.

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senz° original

only one can ever be the first

The senz° original is a comfortable and stylish umbrella that offers you optimal protection in wind speeds of up to at least 100 km/hour. However hard it rains or however stormy the weather, your senz° will simply float through the storm, thanks to the patented construction of the umbrella’s ribs. What’s more, the senz° Eyesavers will protect your eyes and those of the people around you. Thanks to its unique design, you can hold your senz° easily with just one hand.

senz° large

more protection; more comfort

With a senz° large, you’re even better protected. That’s because the surface area of this umbrella is 15% larger than that of the senz° original. So you get greater protection, combined with equal comfort. It’s pleasure with a capital ‘P’.

The senz° large is a luxurious, durable and stylish long umbrella. It’s equipped with our iconic Eyesavers that protect your own eyes and those of the people around you. This model is comfortable and lightweight, yet at the same time offers optimal protection against weather conditions, and resists winds of up to at least 100 km/hour. Go on: take on the elements with the senz° large.

senz° XXL

protection for 2 people

The senz° XXL is the largest umbrella that we offer. Two people can fit underneath it – how cosy is that? The aerodynamic shape allows the umbrella to float through the wind as if it was born to do so. The senz° Eyesavers protect your own eyes and those of the people around you. And the frame is made from high-quality materials: for instance, the shaft is constructed from fibreglass. This provides you not only with great strength, but also with an impressive appearance and sense of craftsmanship. This makes the XXL a unique long umbrella. It’s the ultimate bodyguard among storm umbrellas!

senz° kids

the first storm umbrella for children

Children enjoy being out of doors, but you also want to protect them properly against the elements. Senz° is the only brand with an umbrella specially made for children. After all, you’re never too young to start enjoying the weather – whatever the weather.

This model is fitted with UPF50+ sun protection, quick-dry fabric and our iconic Eyesavers that protect your own children’s eyes as well as those of their friends. The senz° Kids is nicely lightweight and therefore can easily accompany children wherever they go.

senz° collections

Senz°: it's all in the name!

The senz° foldaway luggage is our newest problem-solving design. Just like the senz° storm umbrella, it’s smart, stylish, compact and good to go.
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