Senz° is a premium lifestyle brand, founded in 2006 by three students from the Technical University in Delft. It was personal frustration of traditional round umbrellas, which invariably flip inside out in strong winds, which led to the ingenious invention of the Senz° Original storm umbrella. By understanding the laws of aerodynamics and using high-grade materials, Senz° created an umbrella that can withstand any weather, even stormy winds of up to 100km/h! Amazing benefits in comparison to the status quo, whilst offering improved visibility and a comfortable grip, thanks to the ergonomic soft foam handle.

At Senz° we believe that an umbrella is more than a disposable product: it’s a statement piece. We have mastered the technology, by understanding the laws of aerodynamics. By continuously offering unique designs, we work closely with other (lifestyle) brands to add some extra style to your commute.  Only available online and at selected stores.

Senz° is constantly doing research to remain innovative and sustainable. As 1.1 billion umbrellas are thrown away yearly, we find it important to share our amazing story with you, so you can help to reduce this massive, unsustainable waste. We have a timeless, classic collection, which will never be out of style.