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Studio Droog develops Van Gogh inspired design for senz° umbrellas


Studio Droog developed a design for the senz° automatic storm umbrella commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. The umbrella, named ‘Thunderclouds’, is now available in the museum shop.Following the opening of the new entrance of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam the assortment of the museum shop got a full makeover. Several big names in ‘Dutch Design’ were invited to be inspired by the work of the famous painter.

This collaborations led to beautiful design products! Design bureau 3.11 based the imperfect forms of their crockery on the rustic, impasto paint strokes of Van Gogh’s paintings. The beautiful colors Van Gogh used can be found in ZSISKA’s jewelry and his typical energy splashes from the fashion accessories by Hester van Eeghen.

Between all this splendour and much more work from Dutch designers, we also find the foldable senz° automatic storm umbrella. The design for the canopy was developed by none other than studio Droog. They were inspired by the striking painting ‘Wheatfield under thunder clouds’.

Actually it couldn’t be better: our modern Dutch Design umbrella with a design of an internationally renowned Dutch studio, inspired by the work of one of the most famous Dutch artists. We would almost blush…

Shop the senz° automatic Thunderclouds umbrella: http://www.vangoghmuseumshop.com/en/


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