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The fashionable must-have umbrella

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The unique aerodynamic shape of the senz° smart ensures this umbrella will never go inside out! Instead of fighting the wind it floats on it… This umbrella is easy to carry with one hand and because of the shorter front you always have a great view.

 Doesn't go inside out
 Storm proof
 No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
Unique shape offers perfect view on the road
Compact size ideal for one person
Stylish designs
2 year no-nonsense warranty

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The senz° smart comes with a 2 year no-nonsense warranty means replacement of any defected senz° product, purchased at our webshop, within the warranty period. Simply send an email to with the following information and all will be arranged:

A copy of your packing list or your webshop order number
Two photographs - one of the product itself and one of the defect

If you are missing a part of your umbrella - such as the top cap or an eyesaver - inform us and we will send you the part free of charge!

If you purchased your senz° product elsewhere, return it to the point of purchase. Alternatively, contact us at and we will help you with a suitable solution…

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