The first and number one storm umbrella: the senz° original is comfortable, stylish and designed so that it will never go inside out, even in a storm.

The unique aerodyamic shape ensures you’ll never have to struggle with your umbrella again: as the senz° original floats on the wind instead of fighting it this umbrella is easy to hold with just one hand.

  • Doesn’t go inside out
  • Storm proof
  • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
  • Our own number one: comfort, style and quality
  • Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians

global playground collection

Spring 2017

playing court – single

€ 54,95    Shop now

playing court – doubles

€ 54,95    Shop now

playing court – slices

€ 54,95    Shop now

playing court – tracks

€ 54,95    Shop now

playing court – blocks

€ 54,95    Shop now

sporty blue – single

€ 54,95    Shop now

sporty blue – doubles

€ 54,95    Shop now

sporty blue – slices

€ 54,95    Shop now

sporty blue – tracks

€ 54,95    Shop now

sporty blue – blocks

€ 54,95    Shop now

african red – single

€ 54,95    Shop now

african red – doubles

€ 54,95    Shop now

african red – slices

€ 54,95    Shop now

african red – tracks

€ 54,95    Shop now

african red – blocks

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urban breeze collection


senz° original - painted pink

painted pink

€ 54,95    Shop now

senz° original - gritty green

gritty green

€ 54,95    Shop now

senz° original - silky rose

silky rose

€ 54,95    Shop now

senz° original - stoney blue

stoney blue

€ 54,95    Shop now

senz° original - marble mauve

marble mauve

€ 54,95    Shop now

core collection

Timeless colours and designs

Top view senz° original - midnight blue

midnight blue

€ 54,95    Shop now

Top view senz° original - passion red

passion red

€ 54,95    Shop now

Top view senz° original - pure black

pure black

€ 54,95    Shop now

shiny silver

€ 54,95    Shop now


Designed and tested to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h, the senz° original umbrella will not let you down during bad weather.


With a sophisticated aluminium shaft, foam grip and luxury sleeve, the senz° original comes in a variety of contemporary colours and designs.


The senz° original is easy to hold. Its asymmetrical shape allows it to adapt to the ever changing wind position. This umbrella also opens effortlessly and has an efficient auto close function.


2 Year no-nonsense warranty – meaning any product fault results in a new senz° original, or replacement of any missing part.

senz Eyesaver
Handle of the senz° original
Shoulder strap detail of senz° luxury sleeve
senz° feature - Eyesaver


Avoid unnecessary accidents with smooth edges at the tips of the canopy.

senz° feature - Flexible ribs

Patented rib technology

Unlike traditional systems these ribs don’t have joints, making them strong and flexible.

senz° feature - UV-protection

UV Protection

The senz° original provides you extra shade with the UV50+ protection. The fabric blocks 98% of the harmful UV rays.

senz° feature - Carrying strap

Luxury sleeve

Carry your senz° umbrella in style. The sleeve includes a shoulder strap, leaving your hands totally free.