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Limited Edition: duck away design

Inspired by nature: duck away design
The duck away design is the final piece of the globetrotter collection. The design is inspired by the glint of sunlight reflecting on the water in reedbeds. That does not only make you happy, it also ensures you’re a lot safer while walking the streets! duck away is exlusively available in the senz° web shop, on both foldable umbrellas.

senz° automatic with duck away printThe globetrotter collection challenges the adventurer in all of us to follow our dreams. The designs depict those moments when you take the time to reflect on yourself and adjust your inner compas to your vision of your future.

The duck away design has now been added to the globetrotter collection, next to gear up, green shelter and flurry rain. This design visualises the glint of sunlight reflecting on the water in reedbeds: a beautiful, quiet environment where the only sounds are the rustling of the reeds and the beating of the birds’ wings.

The duck away design is available on the foldable senz° smart s (€34,95) and senz° automatic (€59,95) umbrellas: easy to stow in your bag, so you no longer will be surprised by sudden rain gusts. The glint of sunlight returns in the canopy of the umbrellas, that is enriched with a reflective print. Another reason to smile when it rains: with duck away you’re seen in the dark as well!


  • Blanks says:

    What about incorporating the reflective spots in some of your other umbrellas – maybe even larger than on the ‘duck’ one !

    • Marinka says:

      That would be nice! We learned however that when we make the reflective spots too large, it will start showing small cracks. That’s why we prefer to have many little ones instead of just a few big spots, generating the same effect in reflection.

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