Cycling with a roof over your head

The senz° bicycle umbrella

umbrella holder senz°

For the urban commuter biking in the rain can cause quite some problems – especially when caught out! With the senz° umbrella holder former rain issues – such as being soaked to the skin and bad hair – can be a thing of the past. Attach your senz° smart or original umbrella to the senz° umbrella holder and enjoy a dry ride.


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Two hands on the handlebars and perfect view on the road. No blind spots like you have when wearing a hood.


Simple to set up, the robust senz° umbrella holder also includes a strap to secure your umbrella on dry days.


Arrive at your destination in style, without stress and most importantly, dry.


2 Year no-nonsense warranty – meaning any product fault results in a new senz° umbrella holder.

senz umbrella holder with senz original
ep senz umbrella holder detail 02
ep senz umbrella holder detail 01