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senz° is a premium lifestyle brand that was founded in 2006 by three students from the Technical University in Delft. The pure frustration of traditional round umbrellas, which invariably flipped inside out in strong winds, led them to develop the senz° storm umbrella. A totally unique design, the senz° umbrella can withstand storm-like winds up to 100 km/h, whilst allowing good visibility and a comfortable grip.

You are always on the go. To work, the gym, your friends. senz° provides a carefree commute for the Urban Commuter with a fresh outlook and a connected lifestyle. The senz° umbrellas are designed and tested to withstand a serious storm. They will not let you down in bad weather. senz° umbrellas are light and easy to hold with one hand and the aerodynamic shape lets the umbrella float on the wind.

But providing you with a smooth commute doesn’t stop there. In the beginning of 2018 senz° has introduced a range of bags to its assortment. With high quality materials, clever compartments and confident styling, you will carry your belongings with an air of comfort and protection. Our NOS ( never out of style collection) is ongoing and each year we add surprising, and unique limited edition designs to our assortment. Maintaining the senz° umbrella as its mainline product. senz° is constantly doing research to remain innovative and sustainable. Designing smart solutions for your commute as a premium lifestyle brand.


It was personal frustration that led to the ingenious invention of the senz° original storm umbrella. By understanding the laws of aerodynamics and outsmarting the establishment, senz° created an umbrella that can withstand any weather, even storm winds of up to 100km/h!

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Over the years we won many different awards around the world for our unique storm umbrella. Click on the button below to find out about the different prices and awards we have won.

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