The perfect travel companion
that fits in your pocket.

Inspired by the people of today, a new Senz° umbrella was created. The Senz° Micro is the newest essential of the urban commuters who live active lives, don’t settle for less and won’t give up on style either. Discover the smallest storm umbrella of our selection, the Senz° Micro.

The Senz° Micro offers the perfect shield for the rainy days no matter where you are. The uniquely compact size of the umbrella, its excellent water repellence and extremely light weight result in the ultimate storm proof and UV protecting umbrella for on the go.
Simply fold it in and slide it into your pocket!

Commute with style

Never let the weather surprise you again with the Senz° Micro. This umbrella is your number one go-to if you are looking for a quality umbrella that can withstand even the stronger winds and yet has elegance. Senz° offers the best wind proof umbrellas, even for an unexpected downpour. Choose your favourite colour and let the Senz° Micro show you its big performance.

Be on the go, without worries.