Senz° Original – Pointillist Bonsai


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The first and number one storm umbrella: Designed and tested to withstand a serious storm. The Senz° Original will not let you down in bad weather. This umbrella is the result of our collaboration with Maharishi.

Pointillist Bonsai is a darker silhouette of classic Bonsai Forest, featuring reflective printed glass bead infused ink. With all the features you can certainly travel in style.

This umbrella comes with an unique Senz° luxury sleeve to carry your umbrella in style and store it when you won’t need it.

  • The Senz° Original; the first and number one storm umbrella
  • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
  • Stormproof excellence up to 100 KM/H
  • All Senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year Senzible warranty

In stock

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The number one storm umbrella and how it all started. The Senz° Original floats on the wind instead of fighting it. This umbrella is easy to hold with just one hand. Dutch design, invented by three TU Delft students in 2006.  Senz° has won all major design awards with the Original and it is still our number one icon umbrella. This ultimate windproof umbrella is the perfect combination of style and innovation. The frame is made of steel (mainly done by hand) and the ribs are made from various materials such as steel aluminum and fiberglass which we improve constantly to ensure its perfect bendable capacity that let’s our umbrella float with the wind and not bend over. On the bottom of the handle, we have our signature umbrella icon as doming so you can recognize a real Senz°. The handle is different from the other umbrellas. Its party made of a soft foam grip that feels different when you hold it,  and there is a round woven cord grip to ensure you will not lose your umbrella.

Additional information

Weight 440 g
Dimensions 90 × 87 × 79 cm


Automatic open/close




HS Code

HS 660199


  • Storm proof excellence
  • Light and easy to hold
  • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
  • Doesn’t go inside out
  • 2 year Senzible warranty
  • Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
  • UV protection with UPF50+ canopy
  • Carry your umbrella comfortably with the shoulder strap
  • Unique shape offers perfect view on the road
  • Compact size is ideal for one person


All Senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year Senzible warranty.

Regarding warranty we are always acting on good judgment and practical ideas or understanding. For more information, please check out our warranty policy.


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