Senz° Automatic – Shades

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The Senz° Automatic is the must-have foldable umbrella, which easily fits your bag. The aerodynamic shape lets the umbrella float on the wind. Our unique eyesavers help to protect the eyes of your fellow pedestrians and its unique shape stands out in every crowd.

As part of our Soft Touch theme, it is a beautiful, elegant design, that adds comfort and style to your commute.

  • The Senz° Automatic opens and closes with the push of a button
  • This foldable umbrella easily fits your bag
  • Easy to carry in the luxury sleeve
  • All Senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year Senzible warranty
  • Does not include our reinforced fibreglass ribs, like our Senz° Automatic Deluxe

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This must-have foldable umbrella is the perfect combination of style and innovation. The aerodynamic shape allows this compact windproof umbrella to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h. Its innovative mechanism allows you to open and close the umbrella with the push of a button. Our premium, high-density fabric not only protects you from the rain, but it also offers great UV protection. It has a protection standard of UPF50+, which means that over 98% of the UV radiation is blocked!

Additional information

Weight 360 g
Dimensions 91 × 91 × 28 cm


Automatic open/close



  • Fits your bag. Fits your style.
  • Light and easy to hold
  • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
  • Doesn’t go inside out
  • 2 year senzible warranty
  • Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
  • UV protection with UPF50 canopy
  • Carry your senz° umbrella in style with luxury sleeve
  • Unique shape offers perfect view on the road
  • Compact size is ideal for one person

About the design

Feel the overflowing warmth and comfort, that the Soft Touch theme expresses.

We are part of this fast-paced world that is constantly changing the way we think and feel. Sometimes you need to stop time and reflect. We all seek some quietness and long to be part of all the beauty nature has to offer us. Nature gives us much needed refreshment and comfort, that can’t be found in the ever-changing, fast-paced digital world. Experience inner stillness and peace. Find comfort and surround yourself with the beauty of nature.

Our soft touch theme is a mix of muted tones brought to life with flowing patterns and soft metallic touches. A collection that you want to feel. An elegant combination of the silk grey canopy with rose gold stripes flowing on the canopy or a dynamic, flowing design with an eye-catching sense of depth.

We offer a variety of beautiful, grey- toned prints and solid colours printed on our premium, high-density fabric.

As part of our Soft Touch theme, it is a beautiful, elegant design, that adds comfort and style to your commute.


All senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year senzible warranty.

Regarding warranty we are always acting on good judgment and practical ideas or understanding. For more information, please check out our warranty policy.


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How to use

Are you looking for more information on how to use this umbrella? Check out our tips and tricks page and discover how to get the most out of your Senz° umbrella.