Senz° Automatic Deluxe – Midnight Blue


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The Senz° Deluxe Midnight Blue is the perfect travel companion. Part of our Never Out of Style collection that features timeless colours for every occassion.

With all the features you can certainly travel in style.

This umbrella comes with an unique Senz° luxury sleeve to carry your umbrella in style and store it when you don’t need it.

  • The Senz° Automatic opens and closes with the push of a button
  • This foldable umbrella easily fits your bag
  • Stormproof excellence up to 100 km/h
  • All Senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year Senzible warranty

In stock


Indulge yourself with the most luxurious pocket umbrella there is. From the leather trimmed handle, selected from the finest quality of leather fabric in Italy to the stormproof frame: Everything is handled with care. The extra strong water-repellent coating allows the umbrella to dry very fast, as the raindrops simply slide off when you shake it. It offers our highest level of foldable performance as it can stand a storm of up to 100 km/h, because of its stormproof rib construction with reinforced hinges.

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Automatic open/close



  • Fits your bag. Fits your style.
  • Light and easy to hold
  • No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
  • Doesn’t go inside out
  • 2 year Senzible warranty
  • Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
  • UV protection with UPF50 canopy
  • Carry your Senz° umbrella in style with luxury sleeve
  • Unique shape offers perfect view on the road
  • Compact size is ideal for one person


All Senz° umbrellas come with our 2 year Senzible warranty.

Regarding warranty we are always acting on good judgment and practical ideas or understanding. For more information, please check out our warranty policy.


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