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To which countries do you deliver?2020-05-26T18:01:36+02:00

Due to customs-related issues we currently do not ship to:


Do you have a repair shop for my broken umbrella? Why not?2019-01-29T13:59:01+01:00

Because of the complex structure of our models, we do not have the right materials to repair defects. For this reason we do not offer a repair service, but we use the

Always acting on good judgment on all our products.
What should I do if the store of purchase doesn’t exist anymore?2019-09-30T18:39:51+02:00

If you are experiencing problems with your umbrella but you can’t go back to the vendor, please contact us at customercare@senz.com and we’ll be happy to help!

I lost a part, now what? Find more information under warranty2019-09-30T19:27:56+02:00

Check our missing parts page to find out which part(s) you need and what information you need to collect. Then, send an email to customercare@senz.com with your request.

There is something wrong with my Senz° product, but I don’t have the receipt. What should I do?2019-01-29T14:01:51+01:00

When you don’t have a receipt and you can’t go back to the store of purchase, please check out our warranty page for the correct procedure.

Who can I contact if something is wrong with my Senz° product?2019-01-29T14:01:40+01:00

Officially your vendor is responsible for handling your claim and your purchase receipt serves as your warranty. You can go back to the store of purchase with your receipt and broken umbrella. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by emailing your question to customercare@senz.com.

For more information please check our warranty page.

What are the procedures for warranty claims?2020-11-07T04:50:57+01:00

At senz° we have the ‘SENZIBLE WARRANTY’.

Regarding warranty we are always acting on good judgement and practical ideas or understanding:

2 years for all our storm umbrellas and 6 months for our other products! You can return defective items for free within the first 14 days of ownership.

For more information, please visit our warranty page.

I have not received my order. What should I do?2019-01-29T14:02:36+01:00

Is the delivery time expired and you still haven’t received your order? Please contact us at customercare@senz.com and quote your order number. We will then immediately request your tracking information and locate the whereabouts of your order.

Which carrier do you use?2020-05-18T18:57:59+02:00

We use a wide variety of carriers depending on the country of delivery, these carriers are GLS, DPD, FedEx, DHL, PostNL, TNT en UPS.

Can I get my order delivered at a pick up point location?2019-01-29T14:21:23+01:00

We have an agreement with our partners to deliver at private residences or company addresses, where someone is always available. When the courier doesn’t find you at the point of delivery he will attempt twice more, before returning the parcel to the recipient. With Fedex deliveries it is possible to collect your parcel at a Fedex pick up point. With PostNL and DHL we do not have this agreement, but  experience has taught us  that it depends on the postal worker (maybe he chooses to leave your parcel at a pick up point).

My package has arrived, but it is damaged. What should I do?2019-01-30T13:39:59+01:00

If damage is visible on the outside of your package, we advice you to not accept the package. If this is not possible anymore, please contact us at customercare@senz.com to take care of possible replacement.

I might not be home at the time of delivery, what should I do?2019-10-15T15:29:07+02:00

We recommend you fill in a shipping address where you, or your family/friends/colleagues, are available to accept the package. The courier can deliver your package at an adjacent address. In that case, you will find a delivery note in your mailbox with information of where to collect your package. Alternatively, the courier will return the following day for a second delivery attempt. If delivery is still not possible, you will be asked to pick up your package or to make an appointment for another delivery. In both cases, you’ll receive a written notification in your mailbox. For all deliveries, we use PostNL as our trusted carrier.

Can I pick up my order at your office?2019-01-30T14:20:42+01:00

Unfortunately not. Although we appreciate good company, we try to work as fast as possible. Therefore we don’t hold any stock at our office but send out the order from our external warehouse.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?2019-05-07T17:09:20+02:00

We always try to process your order right away so you’ll receive your  the senz° item (s) within the estimated delivery time. Did you not receive your order and the delivery time has expired? Please contact us!

I live outside of the European Union. Do I have to pay taxes?2018-12-03T10:23:39+01:00

For customers living outside of the European Union all prices shown on our website are excluding VAT, but please be aware that import duties, fees and local VAT could possibly be charged by your local customs. These charges have to be paid by the recipient of the parcel. As customs policies and import duties differ per country, we cannot tell you what the charges could be, nor does senz° have control over these charges.

This website of the European Commission gives an indication of import duties charged per country (product code: 6601), which are calculated over the net value of the product and which need to be added next to the local VAT to come to a total cost. Please note that senz° cannot be held accountable for the information found on this website. For full and current information we advise you to contact your local customs office..

Based on your billing and shipping information the VAT will be updated during checkout in our webshop.

What are the shipping charges?2019-03-05T14:57:51+01:00

To see the respective rates for shipping to your country, please proceed to checkout.

All prices will be updated during checkout based on your billing and shipping information.

I want to return my Senz° umbrella, what should I do?2020-03-20T22:53:01+01:00

You can return the umbrella within the statutory period of 14 days. Please send it to us in its original packaging and plastics and don’t forget to add the packing list and invoices. Our address is:

Senz° International online bv
attn: customer care
Afdeling retouren
Spectrumlaan 31
The Netherlands

Please let us know in a note why you are sending the umbrella back to us. We will contact you about the refund once we have received the package. Please note – the shipping fee will not be refunded!

I have received my Senz°, but I changed my mind: can I exchange my Senz°?2019-01-30T14:21:18+01:00

Of course it is possible for you to exchange the purchased senz° for another model or colour. We don’t recommend this, due to the extra shipping fee, charged to the customer for returning the senz° umbrella and for the replacement  order to be send after that. What we often suggest is to see if there is anyone who wants to take over your purchased senz° (friends family, colleagues, etc.). You can then order a new senz° from our webshop. If this is not possible, please contact our customer care department. They will instruct you on how to return the senz° and order a new one.

I didn’t correctly fill out my contact information, what should I do?2019-01-30T14:22:11+01:00

It can happen that you accidentally fill in a wrong or incomplete address. Our order system is quick and your web shop order is sent directly to our logistics partners. They will process your order and, in most cases, make them ready for immediate shipment. This happens automatically and addresses are not checked in advance. If you detect this immediatly between Monday and Friday during office hours, please contact us at +31 (0)15 256 20 04. This way it’s likely we can still make the changes for you.

If you  detect this outside office hours, please send an email to customercare@senz.com. In this case we cannot implement any changes and must await to receive your order, to return to our external warehouse. Once the placed order arrives back to our warehouse, we will contact you to resend the order: please note, you are now responsible for the shipping fee of the 2nd shipment.

I would like to place a large order, is this possible?2020-08-03T20:50:57+02:00

For large orders (over 1000 pieces) you can contact our B2B sales team directly through +31(0)15 256 05 93 or b2b@senz.com. For retail orders, please contact our retail sales team through +31(0)15 256 18 66 or retail@senz.com

I have received an order confirmation, what should I do?2019-01-30T14:22:30+01:00

Relax and wait for your senz° storm umbrella to arrive!

How can I pay for my order?2018-08-31T11:33:04+02:00

We offer the following payment options:

Online banking


Credit card


Other payment methods

 PayPal (can also be used for credit card payments)

All payments are done within the safe environment of the respective payment provider. When the payment is verified, you will be redirected to a senz° page with the order details.

Does my Senz° withstand a heavy storm?2019-01-30T14:23:04+01:00

The first time you use your senz°, in heavy weather, it will take some getting used to. When you hold the senz° loosely in one hand, (check out our tips & tricks page), it will find the right position in the wind itself. Initially, you may want to grab your senz° firmly with two hands and hold it against the wind. This is not necessary!  As the senz° is aerodynamic, it doesn’t need any help! Just think of it as a bird that lets its wings flow through the wind automatically, following the different wind directions.

How to use my Senz°?2019-01-30T14:23:56+01:00

For useful tips & tricks about using your senz°, check out our tips & tricks page. There you’ll find some useful information on how to use and take care of your senz°, so it will take care of you!

Where are Senz° products made?2019-02-05T15:24:58+01:00

Our umbrellas are made in China. We have chosen to manufacture them there, as the Chinese hold outstanding expertise on umbrellas. We maintain a strict eye on all our factories, performing regular random checks, to ensure work ethics fit with our standards. With all new production we’ve added the text “made in China” on the labels, for total transparency.

Where can I buy Senz°?2019-09-30T17:11:11+02:00

While you can always purchase your Senz° from our webshop, we can imagine that you would like to see them up close and experience the feeling first hand before making the decision. We sell our products at different retailers in many countries all over the world. For more detailed information about our retailers, contact us at customercare@senz.com

About Senz°2019-02-05T16:49:19+01:00

Senz° is a premium lifestyle brand, founded in 2006 by three students from the Technical University in Delft. It was personal frustration of traditional round umbrellas, which invariably flip inside out in strong winds, which led to the ingenious invention of the Senz° Original storm umbrella. By understanding the laws of aerodynamics and using high-grade materials, Senz° created an umbrella that can withstand any weather, even stormy winds of up to 100km/h! Amazing benefits in comparison to the status quo, whilst offering improved visibility and a comfortable grip, thanks to the ergonomic soft foam handle.

At Senz° we believe that an umbrella is more than a disposable product: it’s a statement piece. We have mastered the technology, by understanding the laws of aerodynamics. By continuously offering unique designs, we work closely with other (lifestyle) brands to add some extra style to your commute.  Only available online and at selected stores.

Senz° is constantly doing research to remain innovative and sustainable. As 1.1 billion umbrellas are thrown away yearly, we find it important to share our amazing story with you, so you can help to reduce this massive, unsustainable waste. We have a timeless, classic collection, which will never be out of style.


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