The ultimate shelter for
heavy downpours!

To expand the selection of our classic storm umbrellas, we have created a new advanced model to fulfill even the most demanding needs of any modern rain warrior. We proudly introduce you to our latest addition the Senz° Large.

Discover maximum comfort and performance. The Senz° Large has our signature stormproof excellence and a 15% bigger canopy than our Senz° Original. It’s the perfect size to keep you fully covered from all weather conditions. The Senz° Large has a beautifully shaped ergonomic handle, a sleek black shaft and a luxury runner. Choose your favourite design from our timeless and minimalistic Never out of Style collection.

Are you ready to take your Senz° experience to the next level?

The perfect match for the Senz° Kids

The Senz° Large is an ideal companion for the Senz° Kids. The unique design, as seen on the Senz° Kids – Guz, has also made its mark on the Large version of this special edition umbrella.

This beautiful design is made in collaboration with a Dutch illustrator of Studio Koosje and it celebrates the wonder of nature and the indescribable joy and playfulness that children have. On the Senz° Large – Guz the drawing of a baby elephant takes an elegant yet playful twist with a mix of patterns that decorate only one side of the canopy. You and your little one can now enjoy matching umbrellas!

Discover the Senz° Large – Guz now.