We are excited to announce that Senz° has become an official supporter of the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. We have chosen to give our support by becoming an adoption partner for the beautiful Thomson’s Gazelle. Through this partnership, we give our contribution to help ARTIS to take care of the animals, conserve the beautiful nature and to keep on preserving the historic architecture in the ARTIS park.

Nothing like an ordinary Zoo

The oldest zoo in the Netherlands ARTIS, is located in Amsterdam in a beautiful monumental garden-like park. It’s filled with blooming nature that’s in perfect balance with its furry residents.

ARTIS is nothing like an ordinary zoo. The monumental buildings from the 19th century and the warm and laid-back atmosphere in the park, instantly give off an intimate and unique feeling. Simply relax and enjoy the magnificent sights of the good care and love that ARTIS offers for the animals, nature and the historical architecture in the park.

To support the mission of ARTIS to protect their heritage and the various beautiful species, we at Senz° are delighted to take part in this project and help with our contribution.

The edible garden in ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. – Photo ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Ronald van Weeren

Run like the wind

As happy adopters of this graceful gazelle, we would like to introduce you to some of the main characteristics of the species.

Thomson’s Gazelle is named after the Scottish Geologist and explorer Joseph Thomson. Being one of the most well-known gazelles in the world, our furry friend is mainly located in East-Africa. Their small size and soft cinnamon-coloured fur, with distinctive black stripe, are the main markers that differentiate the Thomson’s Gazelle (or Tommie) from another well-known gazelle, the Grant’s Gazelle.

Perhaps the most astonishing fact about the Thomson’s Gazelle, is that it can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. It is therefore considered to be one of the fastest mammals. We believe the Thomson’s Gazelle is the perfect fit for us, as it has the beauty and the power that we embrace and identify with at Senz°.

Adopt an animal or donate to help

Would you also like to show your love and care for the nature and animals? ARTIS is a safe and secure charity option if you love nature, animals, historic architecture and like to support the ongoing efforts of ARTIS to educate its visitors to protect the natural heritage. Let’s take care of our planet together.