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New publication makes senz° part of Dutch identity


There are days that tend to you forget how cool it is to work at senz°. Today is not such a day.

This morning I received the book “Nederland, een objectief zelfportret in 51 voorwerpen” (“The Netherlands, an objective self-portrait in 51 objects”). In this book the cream of Dutch novelists and journalists sketch a view of the Dutch character using a range of Dutch objects. The fact that the senz° storm umbrella is a part of this collection is an awesome milestone.

Not because of the recognition. We have received our share of recognition winning every major design award. No, what strikes me is the fact that our product has become so natural, that we have earned a place next to the wooden shoe, cheese cutter and the bicycle.

In our office hangs a drawing by Bram (6 years old). Bram has taken the opportunity to draw a storm umbrella instead of a traditional umbrella. Our dream is that one day all children will draw an umbrella this way. As of today we are one step closer to that dream.


– Niels, senior product developer 

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