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  • Ann Berman says:

    I love my full size Senz. Have had it for years and I live on a very windy penninsula in Massachusets. But, I have gone through 2 red collapsable automatic Senz umbrellas, which broke within first or second use. First time, I photographed the damaged rib which had come away from the fabric, and contacted your company and was sent a replacement. The replacement broke the same way, within the second day of use during a powerful rain/windstorm. I guess Senz just doesn’t do well with the smaller versions, as I said, my full size black Senz is many years old and very very dependable. For my portable umbrellas, I have moved onto other brands. Just wanted to let you know that this is something your company should work on. Thank you. -Ann Berman, 9 M street, Hull, MA 02045 USA

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