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Globetrotter: how a new senz° collection is created

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At senz° we believe that an umbrella is, should, be more than a disposable product: it’s an accessory that fits your style, your image. That’s why we introduce a new inspiring and fashionable collection each season. But how is a senz° collection created?

The development of a new senz° collection starts more than a year before it is found in stores, when the designer maps long term trends and starts brooding on a concept: the globetrotter collection refers to that feeling of amazement and happiness you experience when you start exploring. That can be done in a completely new environment, but also by letting you surprise during your daily commute to the office.

With the concept in mind the designer develops a set of first designs, which are discussed with the marketing and sales experts at senz°. A first selection is shared with different partners and brand ambassadors. Their feedback is taken into account for the selection and possible redesign of the final designs.

That’s when the work starts for Supply Chain: they brief the factories in China and conscientiously monitor the production process. First of all the designs are translated to printing files for the fabric, after which each colour is manually composed and approved by our R&D colleagues. When everything is ok, the first umbrella samples are made and the actual production starts.

The umbrella samples are used by the sales and marketing colleagues: sales uses them enthusiastically to introduce the new collection to their partners, while the marketeers have a lot of fun developing inspiring photography and determining the final names for the designs. Flurry rain, green shelter and gear up underline the idea of the globetrotter collection.

While the fabric is put on the umbrella frames and the final products are shipped, the preparations continue: sales tools are being developed, visuals for the website prepared and communications planned. In the weeks before the actual market introduction the tension rises: how will the designs be received? So let us know: which is your favourite from the globetrotter collection?


Win: take a picture and win your favourite #senzglobetrotter umbrella!

Take a picture of your senz° umbrella with a fabulous view of your city on the background. Share it on Twitter or Facebook with #senzglobetrotter.
On September 15 we give away an umbrella of our new globetrotter collection to 5 of the participants!

Globetrotter lookbook | senz° on Facebook | senz° on Twitter

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