Our no-nonsense warranty simply means that when your senz° umbrella shows defects within the warranty period which make it unusable, you will always get it replaced with a new senz°! No excuses, just fast and simple!

We keep it simple

At senz° we are clear about our warranty:
2 year for all our storm umbrellas and accessories!

We care

We want to offer customers the best experience possible. Therefore we aim to handle your claim within a week. But we’ll always try to be quicker!

We go the extra mile

Are you missing a part of your umbrella, like an eyesaver or top cap? Let us know and we will send you the part free of charge!

How to handle a warranty claim

At senz° we like to pay attention to the environment. Therefore, you don’t have to send us your umbrella if something is wrong with it.

You bought your senz° in a retail/online store

In this case the retailer is responsible for dealing with your claim. Please contact the store directly: they too apply the no-nonsense warranty and will be of service. Don’t forget your receipt, which serves as your warranty. It is not necessary to contact us in this case.

If going back to the store is not an option or if you received your senz° umbrella as a gift, please fill in the form on the right. Mention when and where you got the umbrella from. Our customer care colleagues will gladly look at the possibilities to assist you.

You bought your senz° in our web shop

Please fill in the form below so we have all the information we need to help you. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

Step 1 | Personal information


First name*

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Step 2 | Product photos

Please upload two photos to identify the defect

Photo of the whole umbrella* (2 Mb max)

Photo of the defect* (2 Mb max)


Step 3 | Product details

The product details help us to identify the products and improve them in the future

Your model*

Product number (located in the top of the umbrella)

Colour of the umbrella icon at the bottom of the handle*

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Step 4 | Proof of purchase

The following details help us to determine where you bought your product

Copy of your receipt or invoice* (2 Mb max)

Date of purchase

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