Foldable luxury. This is the perfect summary for our Senz° Automatic Deluxe, as it is the most luxurious pocket umbrella out there. The handle has a beautiful leather trim, selected from the finest quality Italian leather. The extra strong water-repellent coating allows the umbrella to dry very fast, as the raindrops simply slide off in a shake or two. The aerodynamic shape lets the umbrella float on the wind. It offers the best materials, excellent quality and zero compromises. As part of our Never Out of Style theme, it is a timeless and classic design, so you can certainly travel in style.
  • The Senz° Automatic Deluxe opens and closes with the push of a button 
  • This foldable umbrella easily fits your bag
  • Stormproof excellence up to 100 km/h 
  • Easy to carry in the luxury sleeve
  • All Senz° umbrellas come with a 2 year Senzible warranty