Taking the world by storm

The senz° original storm umbrella

senz° original

The first senz° umbrella on the market – this really has it all; strong lightweight materials, eyesavers, stormproof up to 100 km/h winds and it’s stylish too. Join the revolution and change the street view with us.


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Designed and tested to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h, the senz° original umbrella will not let you down during bad weather.


With a sophisticated aluminium shaft, foam grip and luxury sleeve, the senz° original comes in a variety of contemporary colours and designs.


The senz° original is easy to hold. Its asymmetrical shape allows it to adapt to the ever changing wind position. This umbrella also opens effortlessly and has an efficient auto close function.


2 Year no-nonsense warranty – meaning any product fault results in a new senz° original, or replacement of any missing part.

Handle of the senz° original
Shoulder strap detail of senz° luxury sleeve


Cleverly designed, eyesavers cover the usual points at the end of umbrella, meaning no unnecessary accidents.

Patented rib technology

This, in basic terms, describes the extremely strong and flexible ribs that hold the umbrella together and can be bent in any direction. Unlike traditional umbrellas they do not have joints and run all the way from the center to the tips – making them stronger. Joints often create weak spots.

UV Protection

For a sunny solution, make the most of the shade with the senz° UV50+ protection.

Luxury sleeve

The senz° original comes in an anthracite luxury sleeve with a handy shoulder strap: simple to carry, leaving your hands totally free.